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Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman arrive on Blu-ray with anticipated Se7en release

05.18.2010by: Ammon Gilbert

One of the greatest gritty cop thrillers ever made is David Fincher's SE7EN, starring Morgan Freeman, Brad Pitt, Gwyneth Paltrow (below), and Kevin Spacey. It's exploration of of the seven deadly sins, the sick and twisted ways each deadly sin was carried out onto its victims, and the performances by the entire cast make this the biggest surprise hit of 1995. Here we are, some 15 years later, and look who's arriving on Blu-ray in an all-new Blu-ray Book edition!

Packaged to look like a book (hard cover, bound, and everything--see below), the Blu-ray Book edition is packed full of awesome special features, and... you guessed it... a booklet of information about the film. But don't let me spoil it for you, check out all the goods this badboy is expected to be filled with:

  • 4 commentaries featuring Director David Fincher, Actors Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman and Other Collaborators on the Film
  • Additional/extended scenes
  • Alternate openings
  • Exploration of the Opening Title Sequence from Multiple Video Angles with Various Audio Mixes and 2 Commentary Tracks
  • Production Design and Still Photographs with Commentaries
  • The Notebooks: Full MotionVideo Details “John Doe’s” Writings
  • Trailer

    Amidst all the awesome commentaries and special features, the one thing I'm most excited to see here is the trailer. Color me bizarre, but now that something as simple as a film's theatrical trailer seems to be missing from a lot of new releases, I'm stoked whenever I see one. Hooray for the trailer!

    If you have the Platinum Series Special Edition DVD that was released back in 2000, you'll notice that you already have all these extras. Ok, so they're recycling the extras... but at least the commentary tracks (at least one or two of them) are new, and most importantly, this is the Blu-ray edition, so the film is gonna look more fantastic than it ever has before.

    Be sure to mark your calendars for September 14, 2010, when SE7EN Blu-ray Book edition hits stores everywhere. In the meantime, if you'd rather have the previously released Platinum Edition, go ahead and pick up that badboy right HERE.

  • Extra Tidbit: SE7EN won Best Picture, Best Villain, and Most Desirable Male at the 1996 MTV Movie Awards (back when the MTV Movie Awards actually meant something).
    Source: DVD Active



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