Catching Fire courts Hammer, Kitsch & Hedlund for role of Finnick Odair

Armie, Taylor and Garrett? I hate to sound cynical, but what the hell happened to good old fashioned names like Nick and Ben? Moms, enough with the damn metro-monikers already!

Venting aside, I'll have you know Lionsgate is now looking to fill the role of Finnick Odair in CATCHING FIRE...this after R. Patz turned the role down yesterday. Word is an official casting decision will be made later this week, which all but makes this story moot. Still, three names are now on the shortlist to fill a key lead in the sequel to the monumental HUNGER GAMES. Ready to hear who?

According to E!, Armie Hammer, Taylor Kitsch and Garrett Hedlund are the frontrunners to land the role of Finnick. All seem to have the same shot at landing the gig, though word has also come in that an unknown may be looked at as well.

Hammer has shown some range in THE SOCIAL NETWORK and J. EDGAR, and toplines THE LONE RANGER next year with Johnny Depp. Kitsch was the main man in JOHN CARTER, and played a role in BATTLESHIP. Hedlund, perhaps the most likely, has spanned TRON: LEGACY and ON THE ROAD.

Not much to add, so let's open it up. If you had your druthers, who would play Finnick Odair in CATCHING FIRE? If not one of the named, who'd be better?


Extra Tidbit: Anyone see LeBron reading Catching Fire prior to last night's game? HA!
Source: E!



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