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Check out these early images from The Dinosaur Project!

11.22.2011by: Eric Walkuski

The last time we heard anything about THE DINOSAUR PROJECT was back in June, after the found-footage flick had lined up its first (and perhaps only) human castmembers. As it's really an awesome-sounding project (THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT meets KING KONG!), I took it upon myself to dig a little in an attempt to scrounge up something - anything - from the movie. And I think I've come up with some good stuff...

What you see here are some images, very likely early, of the dinos in the film, as well as a piece of promo art (above). These come directly from Kent Films, which is one of the production companies on board THE DINOSAUR PROJECT, so it's safe to say they're legit.

THE DINOSAUR PROJECT (which may or may not end up being the film's title) centers on a father-son expedition in the Congo, who are being followed by a TV documentary crew. After all the parties mysteriously go missing, recovered footage shows stunning images of dinosaurs thought to be extinct for 65 million years.

The flick wrapped shooting in South Africa during the summer and is currently in post-production. Sid Bennett directed from a screenplay by himself and Jay Basu. StudioCanal will release the film sometime in 2012.

DINOSAUR PROJECT star Natasha Loring

Extra Tidbit: Do you like what you're seeing from THE DINOSAUR PROJECT so far?
Source: Kent Films



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