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Clancy Brown is the dude in these new stills from exorcism horror/comedy Hellbenders

08.01.2012by: Andy Madrzak

I gotta say, J.T. Petty's HELLBENDERS 3D rocks a really cool premise and an awesome cast to boot. Based on a graphic novel by Petty himself, the flick will make its premiere showing at this year's Toronto International Film Festival and we've got several new stills to show you. Scope'em out below.

Hellbenders, an R-rated 3D exorcism comedy, follows the Augustine Interfaith Order of Hellbound Saints (Brooklyn Parish), highly secretive and profoundly blasphemous men of God, as they battle demonic forces too terrible to be cast out by traditional Vatican-approved methods.

The movie's cast includes Clancy Brown, Clifton Collins Jr., Robyn Rikoon and Andre Royo.

Extra Tidbit: Clancy Brown is no stranger to playing men of the cloth - his awesome turn as Brother Justin Crowe in HBO's "Carnivale" is one example.



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