Classic X-Files episode Home could be getting a sequel in the Fox revival

X Files

TVLine did some digging on the new X-Files series that may lead to an exciting clue about the Fox revival. The site reports that the second episode of Fox’s limited-series may be a sequel of sorts to the seminal, celebrated Season 4 episode “Home”. Their reasoning is simple enough, actually, stating that Episode 2 of the six-episode continuation is titled “Home Again.”

And if that’s not enough, the writer-director of the episode is Glen Morgan, who happened to pen the the original “Home” alongside James Wong. Coincidence? Oh, and one more thing, both installments are the second episodes of their respective seasons, so there's that.

We recently learned that Joel McHale will guest star alongside David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, who are reprising their signature roles as FBI Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, with original cast member Mitch Pileggi, returning as Walter Skinner.

The X-Files returns to Fox in early 2016, so keep it here for all the latest!

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Source: TV Line



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