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Colombian chiller Wake Up And Die gets new poster & synopsis

04.02.2012by: Jake Dee

A slow news Monday affords the opportunity to do a little investigative reporting, and in my journey across the net today I stumbled on a new movie called WAKE UP AND DIE. Sound intriguing? Let's flesh it out...

WAKE UP AND DIE is a new GROUNDHOG DAY thriller written and directed by Miguel Urrutia, set up at Imagination Worldwide. The Colombian thriller, also known as DIE AGAIN, stars Andrea Montenegro and Luis Fernando Bohorquez. No telling when the flick will hit U.S. shores, but the premise sounds promising enough to at least wait for a trailer to further gauge. Peep it...

Clarissa wakes up early morning, naked with no idea where she is. She soon discovers that she is in Dorian 's bed, a complete stranger. Dorian might appear to be the perfect man, but he is quite the opposite. He’s actually a serial killer. His true colors show when he not only rapes Clarissa, but kills her. Surprisingly, Clarissa awakes again and realizes that her death is just the beginning…

Again and again and again, she re-awakes to what appears to be the same night. She endures a brutal strangling, stabbings, a broken neck and other painful deaths in a seemingly endless cycle of terror. After numerous disturbing deaths, Clarissa wakes up, determined to put into action a plan using clues collected from each terrifying memory.

In a dramatic climax, she kills Dorian … and she likes it. Was her revenge really worth the price of escaping her deadly dreams?

Ouch, I hope that last line wasn't too much of a spoiler. Maybe it doesn't matter. We shall see when the flick finally hits. Stay close for more...

Andrea Montenegro has clearly seen better days than in the poster

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Extra Tidbit: Better title: WAKE UP AND DIE or DIE AGAIN?



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