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Cool Horror Gear: Ama Lea gives horror icons the beefcake calendar treatment

09.08.2016by: Cody Hamman

The latest project from photographer Ama Lea is such an odd and unexpected horror-related item, I had to share word of its existence with Arrow in the Head readers.

I can't say I've ever wondered what beefcake shots of some of horror's biggest icons would look like, but now there's no need to wonder. Lea has shot just that sort of imagery for the Year of Fear 2017 calendar, which you can purchase through her online shop for the price of $20.

An all male revue of your favorite horror characters! One for every month of the year! This calendar was shot entirely by Ama Lea and now available for you to hang in your home!

The complete list of horror characters featured in the calendar is not revealed on the site, but Lea has posted previews of images that show her beefcake take on Jason Voorhees, Ash Williams, Freddy Krueger, the Jester from SLAUGHTER HIGH, and THE PROWLER himself.

If you like seeing these characters in such a light or if you just want to own the calendar for the novelty of it, you can head over to and pre-order a Year of Fear 2017 right now.

Extra Tidbit: Will you be buying this calendar?
Source: ShopAmaLea



Spitting Bullets
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5:26PM on 09/08/2016
lol! Freddy Krueger FTW!
lol! Freddy Krueger FTW!
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