Cool Horror Gear: Horror Hoodies Galore!

You one of those cats who waits until after Christmas to do your bargaining? Or maybe you culled a bit of dough for Christmas and don't quite know how to spend it. Maybe you forgot to give someone a present and need to make amends ASAP. Well, this edition of Cool Horror Gear may just be for you!

Courtesy of Cafepress.com, a sweet batch of horror hoodies are up for purchase. What I like about their selection is how many of them don't directly advertise a particular movie, or if they do, they don't simply scan a poster image and screen-print it on to the fabric of the sweatshirt. You can find that type of thing anywhere. Nah, actual catch phrases, locations, characters, obscure references and the like are the focus with these hoodies...real fan shite!

Among the few pictured are hoodies for Bates Motel, Camp Crystal Lake Guard, Haddonfield Illinois '78, West M.D., SAW beartrap, "The Walking Dead - Rick, Feed Me Seymour, We're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat , SHAUN OF THE DEAD quote hoody, and my personal favorite, the CABIN IN THE WOODS Merman hoodie. All good shite!

For much more, click HERE.

Extra Tidbit: Which hoody pictured is your favorite?
Source: AITH



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