Cool Horror Gear: NECA's Prometheus, Carrie and Gremlins 2 toys!

Action figure fans, rejoice! The horror toy innovators at NECA have a brand new slate of plastic wonders to behold!

First up, we have PROMETHEUS Series 2 toys. Of the franchise's figures these bad boys should prove to be the cream of the crop. Fan favorites David and Deacon, the proto-Xenomorph (who really deserved more screen time, IMO), have been enshrined in gorgeously sculpted plastic replete with kick-ass accessories. Both toys will arrive in late February.

Next up-- CARRIE. Not the De Palma/Spaceck version, but Peirce/Grace-Moretz joint slated for release next March. There are two versions, of course-- Carrie before and after the pig's blood-- but we all know which one will be most coveted among fans. These will hit shelves late January.

Finally, GREMLINS 2 fans can rejoice-- Greta, the Gremlin gal who romanced Robert Picardo in the sequel, is getting her own life sized puppet prop! It's molded from the actual puppet used in the movie and stands a whopping 30". The only catch? Greta's limited to 1000 pieces, so reserve yours when you can.

Extra Tidbit: Just think-- some lucky guy's GREMLINS 2 slash fiction will be one step closer to coming to life thanks to NECA. Not mine though-- I write GHOULIES slash fic exclusively.
Source: Idle Hands



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