Cool Horror Videos: AITH Knocks Out Horror Clichés - The Mirror Scare

We all recognize them and, quite frankly, we're all pretty sick of them. I'm talking about those tired old clichés that we're all so familiar with after a lifetime of watching horror movies. Sure, they've been used to great effect a few times and when done correctly they can still elicit a scare or two, but overall they give us that been-there-done-that eye-rolling effect that can sometimes pull us completely out of the film. We say it's time to give 'em the ol' 1-2 knockout with our newest video series AITH KNOCKS OUT HORROR CLICHES.

Our main man Mike Bautista has laced up his gloves for the first installment of AITH KNOCKS OUT HORROR CLICHES, taking on the Mirror Scare, an old trope that has been ridden into the ground countless times. Sure, mirrors can be intrinsically scary (just check out next weeks OCULUS for a prime example), but the overused Mirror Scare cliche just doesn't deliver the gut punch anymore. That's why we're gonna knock it out below!

Extra Tidbit: What film had the best use of a Mirror Scare in your opinion?



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