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Cool Horror Videos: Kendy Ty's Lovecraftian short film Behind

02.12.2016by: Cody Hamman

BEHIND, the latest short from director Kendy Ty, has been getting passed around among members of the H.P. Lovecraft fan community recently due to the Lovecraftian touches the self-taught Parisian filmmaker worked into it, so it seemed like something that we should share with Arrow in the Head readers who have an appreciation for the works of the literary master of horror.

Take the whirlwind psychological horror worlds created by H.P. Lovecraft. Transport them into a modern-day cine-story of a girl under hypnosis. You’re left with a mesmerising short film, Behind, a blend unique to a relatively new face on the film-scene.

It is a great short, stylishly made, with an intriguing story and a very dark tone. When you're ready to immerse yourself in its disturbing atmosphere for 5 minutes, click play:

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Source: ThePlusPaper



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