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Cool Horror Videos: Lee Hardcastle's followup to T is for Toilet, Ghost Burger!

10.28.2013by: Eric Walkuski

Lee Hardcastle's T IS FOR TOILET was one of the most memorable segments of the wildly uneven ABCs OF DEATH, and not just because it won the coveted 26th Director Filmmaking Competition. The claymation short was easily one of the most flat-out entertaining portions of the anthology, with Hardcastle displaying a wicked sense of humor as well as a strong talent in the tricky medium.

Well, Hardcastle is back with a sequel! GHOST BURGER is a 22-minute short film that takes place 12 years after the fatal accident in TOILET. This one involves a two kids who go hunting for ghosts to help their dad run a burger cafe.

It's just as delightfully insane as T IS FOR TOILET, although at 22 minutes it goes on a bit long. Still, there's no denying Hardcastle's ghoulish sense of humor and fondness for clay-blood are in full force here.



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