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Cool Horror Videos: Stranger Things, 8 bit video game style

08.08.2016by: Cody Hamman

In a recent interview IGN conducted with Matt and Ross Duffer, the creators of the hit Netflix series Stranger Things, the sibling duo said that the second season (or sequel season) of the show - which has yet to get a greenlight from Netflix - would pick up one year after the events of the first season in order to accomodate the obvious changes the show's adolescent stars are going through. To the suggestion that there be a comic book story to bridge the gap and tell what happens during that year between seasons, the Duffer Brothers replied:

Ross: That’s a great idea! But what I really want is a video game.

Matt: Like an 8-bit... These fans, a lot of them have done this 8-bit video game art that’s blowing my mind.

Among the fans who have gotten the idea to give Stranger Things the 8-bit treatment is YouTuber Toon Doom, who was behind the 16 bit PSYCHO and 8 bit JAWS video game videos we shared a couple weeks back. As with those videos, Toon Doom has condensed the story of Stranger Things down into a short clip, animating it as if it were a video game.

There are SPOILERS contained in this video, so I wouldn't recommend that you watch it if you haven't already watched all eight episodes of Stranger Things. If you have watched the show, check out how cool this is:

Extra Tidbit: Are you a fan of Stranger Things?
Source: IGNToon Doom



Spitting Bullets
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3:33AM on 08/09/2016
Cool video! This show is TONS of epic! I'd love a video game, and a second season!
Cool video! This show is TONS of epic! I'd love a video game, and a second season!
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