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Dimension Films delays Piranha 3DD and Amityville Horror: The Lost Tapes

10.14.2011by: Eric Walkuski

Here's some bad news for the lot of you who were looking forward to seeing Gary Busey and David Hasselhoff battle a horde of toothy fish this holiday season: PIRANHA 3DD has been postponed from its original NOVEMBER 23rd release date. It's now "TBD 2012".

No big surprise there, for a few reasons: For starters, Novemeber 23rd is little over a month away, and we've seen basically nothing in the way of promo material from the John Gulager-directed horror-comedy. Secondly, Thanksgiving always seemed like an ill-fitting release for a movie of this sort. Even for counter-programming, it likely would have been blown away by the several family films coming out the same weekend.

And, of course, this is Dimension Films we're dealing with, and all they do is delay releases. This is actually the second change for PIRANHA 3DD, and once it gets a new date, I'm sure it'll get delayed again.

Additionally, Dimension's AMITYVILLE HORROR: THE LOST TAPES, originally scheduled for a JANUARY 27, 2012 release, is also now TBD 2012. We've heard very little about that movie as well.

Dimension has not had a very good year thus far: SCREAM 4, SPY KIDS 4 and APOLLO 18 were all sub-par performers. Perhaps they're in reevaluation mode.

PIRANHA 3DD star Danielle Panabaker

Extra Tidbit: Were you prepared to see PIRANHA 3DD during the Thanksgiving weekend, or are you glad to see it moved?
Source: Box Office Mojo



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