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Dominic Monaghan to narrate Crackle's horror web-series "The Unknown"

04.27.2012by: Jake Dee

Last month came the initial casting onslaught for Crackle's original horror series "The Unknown." William Atherton, Frances Fisher and Taryn Manning (below) are among the many set to star in the anthology series, now joined by another familiar face...or voice as it turns out!

Deadline has it that Dominic Monaghan (LORD OF THE RINGS, seen right) will narrate "The Unknown." The show launches later this year on the Sony owned Crackle website.

As you may recall, "The Unknown" is comprised of six 30-minute, standalone episodes that fuses drama, psychological thrills, suspense and horror.

Jay Ferguson and Christina Pickles will also star. Kevin Connelly, "The Walking Dead" VFX man Sam Nicholson and Martha Coolidge are all directing episodes. "Sons of Anarchy" producer Chris Collins is overseeing.

Extra Tidbit: You like the idea of original horror content generated on the web? Should there be more horror web-series?
Source: Deadline



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