Drive Angry 3D trailer speeds in, Nic Cage & Amber Heard kick major ass!

Look who just crossed the finish line...

Only hours after previewing the new poster for Patrick Lussier's DRIVE ANGRY 3D, we now have the first look at the theatrical trailer for the film. Nic Cage in shades and f*cked up blonde wig, a cigar dangling from his lip...Amber Heard rockin' a delicious pair of daisy-dukes and a .45 to go with it...Bill Fichtner kicking ass in a goddamn Armani 3-piece...what the hell's not to love about that shite?!?

Seriously, I'm not sure if it's the lack of news today or just the sight of Heard in them shorts...whatever the case may be, I'm definitely jacked up after seeing this thing. Remember, our last footage for the film came back in July, when a teaser and interview reel came out of Comic Con. Definitely worth the wait though...

Burning into theaters this February, DRIVE ANGRY 3D centers on:

Milton (Cage), a hardened felon who has broken out of hell for one last chance at redemption. Intent on stopping a vicious cult who murdered his daughter, he has three days to stop them before they sacrifice her baby beneath a full moon.

He's joined by Piper (Amber Heard) – a young, sexy waitress who liberates her ex-boyfriend's cherry-red muscle car in order to help Milton. Now, the two of them are hot on the trail of the deadly leader of the cult, Jonah King (Billy Burke), who believes it is his destiny to use the baby to unleash hell on earth.

The cast also includes Katy Mixon, David Morse, Billy Burke, Christa Campbell, Charlotte Ross, Pruitt Taylor Vince, Tom Atkins and Simone Levin.

Now fasten your seatbelts...

Extra Tidbit: How does the trailer sit with ya?
Source: Yahoo! Movies



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