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Engrossing trailer for Danish zombie flick What We Become

09.22.2015by: Eric Walkuski

Set to premiere at Fantastic Fest next month is Danish director Bo Mikkelsen's zombie epic WHAT WE BECOME, which has just released a trailer that can be found below. It's Mikkelsen's feature debut, but the helmer was evidently discovered by Nicolas Winding Refn, which is a recommendation you can take to the bank. (If you're into that Refn vibe, of course.)

The pic centers on a Danish family of four stuck in their home as the world is falling apart under attack from an explained disease that forces them to the extreme to escape alive.

Yep, it's zombies again, these looking to be of the DAWN OF THE DEAD variety.

In addition to Fantastic Fest, the flick will be screened during the BFI CULT selection and Sitges' Official Fantastic Competition next month. SF FILM is releasing WHAT WE BECOME in Denmark in March 2016, while Indie Sales is selling the film worldwide with North-American rights still up for grabs.



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