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Entertainment One picks up The Hunted and April Apocalypse

11.11.2013by: Eric Walkuski

More American Film Market acquisition news for you: Entertainment One has picked up a couple of interesting titles at AFM: THE HUNTED, which is the directorial debut of THE COLLECTOR/THE COLLECTION actor Josh Stewart (we last told you about it HERE), and APRIL APOCALYPSE, which is yet another zombie romantic comedy.


After years of yearning for the girl next door, Artie finally builds the courage to woo her...only to find out the girl of his dreams and best friend, April, is moving away – sending Artie into a deep depression. Two years later, the emptiness subsides and the lion inside tells Artie to “go find April and make her yours.” Empowered and eager to find April, Artie crashes his car on the way...and wakes up a week later in the middle of a zombie outbreak. Now it’s up to Artie and his ever-growing courage to find April – no matter what cannibalistic creature steps in his way…

The zom-rom-com stars Reece Thompson, Rebekah Brandes, Brent Tarnol, Stephanie Hunt, Todd Stashwick, Mark Rolston, W. Morgan Sheppard and Sarah Hyland.


Chasing their dream of landing their own hunting show, Jake and Stevie head to the dense, secluded mountains of West Virginia. Equipped with only their bow and cameras, they have just three days to kill a monster buck big enough to grab the attention of the network...and they've found him. But the sun has set, and they realize they're not alone.

In addition to Stewart, THE HUNTED stars Ronnie Gene Blevins, Skipp Sudduth and Nikki Deloach.

Source: THR



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