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Eric Roberts, John Savage, Tara Cardinal are Spreading Darkness

01.24.2011by: Eric Walkuski

Here's a cast you can take to the bank. The blood bank! (Wonder how many times I've recycled that old ditty...) The psychological thriller SPREADING DARKNESS, which is currently in production, stars Eric Roberts, James Duval, John Savage, DeeDee Bigelow, Louis Mandylor (all pictured above), Rena Riffell, Musetta Vander and Tara Cardinal (whom you might remember from our podcast!). That's a pretty good gang of thesps.

The flick, from director Josh Eisenstadt, is about Stu Undercoffler (Eric Roberts), a man who seems to have it all. That is, until the people he took it from decide they want it back. Stu seems to have it under control, until visions of his dead wife (Tara Cardinal) become more and more real.

Head on over to the official SPREADING DARKNESS Facebook page for more! The film is scheduled to come out later this year from Specter's Rock Productions.

tara Cardinal

Extra Tidbit: I'll watch anything with Eric Roberts in it, so I'm in...
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