Escape from New York remake back on, John Carpenter to produce

Important breaking news here, guys: the ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK remake that has long been rumored but recently thought dead ("I heard you were dead") is back on.

According to Deadline: 20th Century Fox won the rights in a bidding war and will set about remaking the classic action flick for a modern age. Andrew Rona and Alex Heineman’s The Picture Company will produce - but even more importantly, John Carpenter is involved. Word is he'll executive produce the film and will "exert creative influence over the project."

While we can all groan over the idea of an ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK remake - lord knows we did when Len Wiseman was involved - the idea that Carpenter is a part of it changes the game a bit. Naturally, it remains to be seen just how involved he is, but this is at least some reason for optimism.

More on this at it comes in.

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Source: Deadline



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