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Exclusive clip from Jeremiah Burkhalt's Blood Widow holds you hostage

06.17.2014by: Eric Walkuski

Prepare to meet the BLOOD WIDOW in this exclusive clip from the Jeremiah Burkhalt-directed thriller, which focuses on a female slasher; a nice anomaly. The film is currently available on all VOD platforms via our brothers in gore Shock Till You Drop, as well as DVD, so give this nasty clip a look to see if it tickles - or at least whips - you in all the right places.

Here's the synopsis:

After buying a nice house in the country, Laurie and Hugh, a successful young couple, throw a party for their friends. During the wild night a few friends decide to explore the abandoned and decaying boarding school next door, only to wake an emotionally broken killer: The Blood Widow.

BLOOD WIDOW stars Danielle Lilley, Brandon Kyle Peters, Christopher de Padua, Jose Miguel Vasquez and Kelly Kilgore. You can order the DVD right HERE.



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