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First look at Olivia Wilde in the Blumhouse thriller The Lazarus Effect

01.05.2015by: Eric Walkuski

Olivia Wilde isn't looking her normal, beautiful self in this first image from THE LAZARUS EFFECT, which comes courtesy of EW. Maybe it's because she's dead - at least, the character she's playing is. (Click on the image to see a bigger version.)

The film comes from producer Jason Blum and director David Gelb; it co-stars Mark Duplass, Evan Peters and Donald Glover. The plot revolves around...

a team of research students who discover the secret to bringing subjects back from the dead; however, their actions result in a series of sinister consequences.

If the plot sounds a bit like FLATLINERS, Blum acknowledges the connection. "All of us really liked that movie, Blum says to EW. I feel like were tipping our hat to Flatliners for sure in this movie.

THE LAZARUS EFFECT comes out on February 27th.

Ahh. That's better.

Source: EW



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