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Four new clips from House of Good and Evil, arriving on DVD in April

03.06.2014by: Kevin Woods

On tap for ya this morning we have four new clips from David Mun's HOUSE OF GOOD AND EVIL, an award-winning psychological horror film that is set to hit DVD on April 1 from Phase 4 Films.

HOUSE OF GOOD AND EVIL stars Rachel Marie Lewis, Christian Oliver, Marietta Marich, Jordan Rhodes in a tale about...

After losing their unborn child, Chris and Maggie escape the pressures of the city to live in a secluded country home. But soon Maggie begins to experience strange events in this mind-bending countryside horror about dedication, grief, and insanity.

Check out the clips below and if you dig what you see you can go ahead and pre-order HOUSE OF GOOD AND EVIL on DVD HERE.

Extra Tidbit: Does HOUSE OF GOOD AND EVIL have your attention?



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