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From Dusk Till Dawn and Amityville Horror sequels coming from the Weinsteins?

12.16.2010by: Eric Walkuski

In a pretty significant joint press release issued by The Weinstein Company and Miramax (of course the old stomping grounds of the Weinstein boys) comes the revelation that both production companies plan on producing sequels to "some of Miramax’s best-known properties and to partner on potential new television shows and special edition home entertainment products."

Among the titles mentioned are FROM DUSK TILL DAWN (which already spawned a sequel as well as a prequel) and THE AMITYVILLE HORROR. A mention of SCARY MOVIE 5 is also dropped in for good measure. (Preposterously, the two evidently plan on producing sequels to BAD SANTA and SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE, among other titles that need no sequelizing.)

While no specific details have been issued, DUSK and AMITYVILLE both fall in the press release's category of "potential sequels and TV projects"; I doubt that we'll be getting a TV series taking place in the Amityville house (unless it's like one long, drawn-out "Ghost Hunters" episode), but a FROM DUSK TILL DAWN series would be interesting. More likely they're thinking of just churning out another direct-to-DVD sequel, but something to nibble on, nonetheless.

As for another SCARY MOVIE, it's been in the cards for years; ever since the last one, really. Last update we had came in October, when it showed up on a list of properties the Weinsteins were interested in resurrecting. SCARY MOVIE 4 opened to the tune of $40 million in 2006, on its way to a worldwide gross of $178 mil. It's the Weinstein's most successful series, so the need to keep it alive is understandable for the brothers, who mostly turn everything they touch to shit nowadays...

SCARY MOVIE star Anna Faris

Extra Tidbit: Just for laughs: What would a FROM DUSK TILL DAWN television series look like?
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