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H2 poster NOT real!

05.13.2009by: Eric Walkuski

So a week ago, I hit you with this poster for HALLOWEEN 2, which is so bloody terrible that I ventured a guess it was Rob Zombie who made it, as it couldn't really be an actual one-sheet for a major motion picture, could it? Well, turns out it isn't, according to what Rob Zombie says. He's reposted the poster on his Myspace page, with this to-the-point message: This is not the new poster. Well thank f*ck for that!

Now I'm sure it wasn't really Zombie who made it, but whoever did should have their computer taken away them and thrown off the roof of a building. Unfortunately there's no word when we might actually get to see the real thing, but obviously Zombie had heard enough about the horrid piece of work and wanted to set the record straight. Good thing, I could not imagine walking into a multiplex and seeing this hanging on a wall.

Extra Tidbit: Zombie says that Dr. Loomis is a sellout and "full of shit" in this movie.
Source: Myspace



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