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Huge Wrong Turn 4 update has a franchise trailer, new one-sheet & a subtitle!

06.02.2011by: Jared Pacheco

The last update we got from Declan O'Brien's WRONG TURN 4 came back in April in the form of a release date. Now that's nearly two months ago. Way to long to be waiting for an update for WRONG TURN 4! But alas, I'd say today's massive update makes the wait well worth it... or something like that.

You see the guys over at Bloody-Disgusting hit the WRONG TURN 4 jackpot today! Not only do they have word on what the subtitle will be for the slasher sequel, but they've also got the first one-sheet for the film as well as a red-band 'franchise' trailer! Natch! Excited? Because you should be!

WRONG TURN 4: BLOODY BEGINNINGS. That's the film's subtitle folks. Not really sure how I'm feeling about this one but I guess it'll do. Then directly below you'll want to give a hand to the new one-sheet for the flick, quite literally. You can click through on the poster to check out a much larger shot over at BD. And lastly, below the one-sheet you'll find that 'franchise' red-band trailer I was telling you about. So what're you waiting for? Scroll down below and enjoy!

At an isolated hospital deep in the West Virginia wilderness, three hideously deformed mutants go on a merciless killing spree. Now, decades later, this family of blood-thirsty cannibals is stalking new prey: a group of young skiers trapped by a blizzard. The abandoned medical wards soon become killing fields as the panicked victims come face to face with a chilling choice fight back or die. With bonus footage too graphic for theaters, 'Wrong Turn 4' takes you to the most terrifying place of all...the beginning.

WRONG TURN 4: BLOODY BEGINNINGS sports a cast of relative unknowns which includes Sean Skene, Daniel Skene, Scotty Johnson, Jenny Pudavick, Tenika Davis, Kaitlyn Wong (below), Terra Vnesa, Victor Zinck, Jr., Dean Armstrong, Ali Tataryn, Ame MacPherson and Samantha Kendrick.

Fox are planning on releasing this bad boy this October, though an actual release date has yet to be announced. You can bet as soon as more WRONG TURN 4 news rolls our way we'll be passing that shite along to all of you!

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Extra Tidbit: Declan O'Brien also directed WRONG TURN 3.



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