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IFC in Winter

06.22.2007by: Omar Hussain

The Ron Perlman vehicle LAST WINTER has been picked up by the boys over at IFC for the rights to the North American release. The film, which is directed by Larry Fessenden, will be a part of IFC’s First Take day-and-date release program.

In addition to Perlman the cast includes James LeGros, Connie Britton, Kevin Corrigan, Jamie Harrold and Fessenden as members of a remote Alaskan oil-hunting team haunted by an unseen presence, which may or may not come from their imaginations.

The thriller debuted at the Toronto Film Festival and is said to have rocked the house. The fact that it has Ron Perlman in it is a big plus for me, cuz that man rocks. The trailer for the film also looks pretty bad ass, so here is to me waiting for the damn thing!

The fact that LAST WINTER has Ron Perlman in it can’t change the reason as to why I like Summer more than Winter…



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