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In Fear's Jeremy Lovering in talks to direct The Bringing

08.21.2014by: Ryan Miller

Sony Pictures’ new horror film THE BRINGING, which was inspired by the incredibly freaky Elisa Lam story, has just taken an interesting turn as Deadline reports that IN FEAR director Jeremy Lovering is in talks to helm the supernatural thriller from a script by Brandon and Phillip Murphy.

If you guys remember, at one point THE BRINGING actually had its eyes on Nicolas Winding Refn, and although it would have been great to see Refn take on a story like this one, I think Lovering is a very solid choice. Brandon and Phillip Murphy’s script is said to revolve around a man investigating a strange death at the hotel who finds himself stumbling into a nightmare.

The film's premise stemmed from the strange case of Elisa Lam, who was found dead inside the water tanks on the roof of the Cecil Hotel. With THE BRINGING being a top priority over at Sony, I'd imagine we'll be hearing plenty more about this one sooner rather than later. And while Lovering may only have one feature film under his belt, IN FEAR was a pretty intense, claustrophobic little ride and I'm pretty excited to see how he tackles this one.

Alice Englert starred in IN FEAR

Extra Tidbit: Do you guys think Lovering is a good choice for THE BRINGING?
Source: Deadline



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