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06.14.2005by: Ammon Gilbert
This summer, FOX may change to look of horror on TV with thier summer sleeper THE INSIDE, a show that's been described as a sort of CSI meets MEDIUM. It's about a bunch of cops who investigate SEVEN like crimes, with one member of the team who can get 'inside' the killer's head. Yes, so it's not THAT original, but it doesn't mean it won't be good!

The show stars hottie Rachel Nichols (the babysitter from THE AMITYVILLE HORROR remake), and was created by Tim Minear (ANGEL and Howard Gordon (THE X FILES).

The show looks cool enough, especially with the images given to Fangoria, it obviously won't pussy-out on the gore! I mean... whoa, all this on TV? SWEET!

Click HERE to check out more of the images, and tune in to FOX Wednesday nights this summer to check this show out. If not for the show, for the beauty below...

Source: Fangoria



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