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Insomniac talks Fall

06.02.2006by: Pat Torfe

During E3, Gamespot did a report which we covered here on Insomniac Games' RESISTANCE: THE FALL OF MAN, which was one of the big games set for release with the PlayStation 3. Set in an alternate 1951, where instead of battling Nazis you're up against an alien menace called The Chimera, RESISTANCE puts you in the shoes of Nathaniel Hale with an armful of various weapons for dealing out punishment.

Today Gamespot posted a new trailer for the game, along with an interview with Insomniac head honcho, Ted Price. In the interview, Price talks about the game's development (obviously), as well as the reason why they decided to go back to a 1st-person shooter after success with games like RATCHET & CLANK. As well, Price discusses some of the initial speculation and assumptions about the game being 'WWII with monsters', and goes over things from weapon counts to downloadable content.

As for the trailer, the game looks as every bit of impressive as before, with some great looking graphics and an homage to WWII-era propaganda films showing the spread of the Nazi influence. Well, that's if the Nazis were extraterrestrials bent on assimilating earth's population. Head here to read the rest of the interview and watch the trailer.

Source: Gamespot



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