Jason Mewes directs serial killer story Madness in the Method

Madness in the Method Jason Mewes Kevin Smith

Best known for playing comedic roles in movies, Jason Mewes has shifted into new territory to play a serial killer version of himself in MADNESS IN THE METHOD, which also marks his feature directorial debut.

The idea for the film was conceived during a conversation Mewes had with co-writer/producer Dominic Burns while they were working on a different project together. Asked if there was any type of role he would like to play, something that would really excite and challenge him, Mewes answered, "I'd love to play a serial killer." The pair then collaborated with Christopher Anastasi to craft the script.

As described by Mewes himself, MADNESS IN THE METHOD 

is set in an alternate universe where Kevin Smith gives me some advice to try taking on "method" acting in order to help me to be taken seriously as an actor with real range in Hollywood. Problem is that the process slowly begins to send me mad as I take to method acting a little too well!"

Co-starring with Mewes in the film are Kevin Smith, Teri Hatcher, Dean Cain, comics legend Stan Lee, Mickey Gooch Jr., Matt Willis, Casper Van Dien, Judd Nelson, and Danny Trejo.

I've been rooting for Mewes for decades now, so it's great to see him really getting himself together and branching out with his career - taking on different roles, producing, directing. MADNESS IN THE METHOD sounds like a fun project for him.

The film is being produced by Burns and Rob Weston through their company Autumnwood Media. Red Rock Entertainment's Gary Collins serves as executive producer.

Madness in the Method Jason Mewes Teri Hatcher

Mewes and Hatcher

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