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Jennifer Lynch's she-snake movie Hisss quietly drops into Redbox?!

10.12.2011by: Jared Pacheco
You guys remember that she-snake movie we used to tell you about called HISSS? Come on, of course you do! It was directed by the talented Jennifer Lynch and starred the gorgeous Mallika Sherawat. Ringing any bells?

Well it's understandable if you guys are a bit fuzzy with this one considering we haven't had an update on this shite since December 2010! Seriously, what the hell? Almost a year without an update on a flick we've been telling you about since late 2008. That's some pretty messed up stuff, isn't it? Want to hear something even more messed up?!

While HISSS is still waiting a valid US release it seems you don't have to wait until that is announced to check this one out. Apparently the romantic genre romp has already hit here in the US.... on Redbox. That's right folks.. Not DVD, not video-on-demand... but Redbox. Ouch. Is this thing really that bad? Well considering director Jennifer Lynch wants nothing to do with the final product of HISSS I'd say there's a good chance it is! Bummer.

In the year 2008, as an American man named George, packing high tech gear, and evil intentions, makes the arduous journey into the heart of the forbidden forest. He captures a male cobra the size of a large python when he's at his weakest, while mating. Little does he realize when they embark on testing this mysterious creature in their high-tech lab, what horror and destruction awaits him....

Along with Sherawat (below) this thing also stars Irrfan Khan, Jeff Doucette and Divya Dutta.

So there you have it folks. If you've been dying to see HISSS then you'll want to head on over to your nearest Redbox. Otherwise you're going to want to keep it right here because as soon as we get word on a DVD release for this puppy you can be sure we're going to tell you about it.

HISSS (2010) - Trailer #2

Extra Tidbit: Jennifer Lynch's most recent film, CHAINED, was present at this year's Toronto International Film Festival courtesy of Myriad Pictures.
Source: Redbox



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