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Kevin Sorbo is a sexy serial killer in Julia X; check the poster here!

09.08.2011by: Eric Walkuski

Kevin Sorbo (KSorbs to us), Valerie Azlynn, Ving Rhames, Joel David Moore and Alicia Leigh Willis star in the comedic thriller JULIA X (3D), which just popped up on our radar yesterday with the announcement that it's premiering at this month's Fantastic Fest. In addition, it'll be shown at next month's Screamfest, in L.A.

In short, the film deals with a serial killer (Sorbo) who gets a nasty surprise when his latest potential victim puts up an unexpected fight. It was shot in digital 3D and word is that it's crazy fun.

Here's the synopsis from Fantastic Fest's official site: Credited only as The Stranger, Kevin Sorbos character in JULIA X 3D (much like in real life) is completely irresistible to women. Turns out the ladies should learn to exercise a bit of caution for, you see, The Stranger is a serial killer. Meeting women on the Internet and setting up dates, The Stranger brings his victims back for a little bit of torture and murder and then brands each one with the next letter in the alphabet. Hes been up to it for a while, too, as his latest victim sports a W. However, things don't go quite according to plan on his latest excursion as Julia is on to his game and has no intention of becoming his X.

First-timer P.J. Pettiette directed this romp, which will hopefully be released to the masses soon; lord knows it sounds like a good friggin' time.

Valerie Azlynn

Extra Tidbit: Sorbo is still one of my favorite AITH Podcast guests...
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