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Leprechaun: Origins gets theatrical release later this month from Lionsgate

08.04.2014by: Eric Walkuski

The Leprechaun is headed back to the big screen for the first time in a long time.

WWE Studios and Lionsgate are planning to give LEPRECHAUN: ORIGINS a limited theatrical release on August 22nd, just a week before it hits VOD. Evidently the studios agreed to do this after a presentation for the film went over well at San Diego Comic-Con. Now it remains to be seen if this gamble will pay off, or if the public will opt to wait until the film is available On Demand.

Backpacking through the lush Irish countryside, two unsuspecting young couples discover a town’s chilling secret. Ben, Sophie, David and Jeni quickly discover the idyllic land is not what it appears to be when the town’s residents offer the hikers an old cabin at the edge of the woods. Soon, the friends will find that one of Ireland’s most famous legends is a terrifying reality.”

Directed by Zach Lipovsky, LEPRECHAUN: ORIGINS will still land on VOD August 26th and arrive on DVD and Blu-Ray on September 30th; pre-order here on DVD HERE or grab it on Blu-ray HERE.

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