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Liam Neeson may return for Taken 2: Rourke, Fiennes and Winstone may replace him?

03.16.2011by: Jake Dee

There's no question Pierre Morel's surprise action hit TAKEN resuscitated Liam Neeson's visibility, but does the dude really want to be pigeonholed as a slick, take-no-shite action star?

Fresh off of UNKNOWN, word from Deadline is, while reticent, Liam Neeson may still return for TAKEN 2. Luc Besson, who hatched the original, has co-written a follow up script with Robert Mark Kamen, with an offer out to TRNASPORTER 3 director Olivier Megaton to helm the sequel.

Just to cover their bases, Besson and company are lining up a contingent plan. That is, if Neeson doesn't reprise his role, a slew of equally cool actors could be in the running. Their names? How does Mickey Rourke, Ralph Fiennes, Ray Winstone, Sean Bean and Jason Isaacs sound as potential replacements?

But back to Neeson for a moment. It sounds like his reluctance to return isn't financial, but due to ill timing. Besson wants to get the film shot later this year, while Neeson wants a much deserved (and frankly needed) respite. That being said, it's sounding more and more likely Neeson will sign back up. Nothing is certain, but Besson is trying to accommodate a working schedule for Liam to get to work in Istanbul where part deux will take place.

Okay. let's run it. Would you like to see Neeson return in TAKEN 2, or do you favor Rourke, Fiennes, Winstone, Bean or Isaacs more?

Liam's daughter in TAKEN, Maggie Grace!

Extra Tidbit: The martial art style used by Liam Neeson in TAKEN is Nagasu Do. It's a hybrid martial art style that borrows from Judo, Aikido and Ju Jitsu.
Source: Deadline



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