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Make a deal with the Devil in new UK series Legion

09.09.2013by: Eric Walkuski

"Life on Mars" creator Tony Jordan has created a new 10-part series for UKTVís flagship entertainment channel, Watch, about a man who makes a deal with the Devil... and of course lives to regret it.

The show in question is called "Legion" (not to be confused with that new Syfy series based on the movie LEGION). Via a press release, we learn that it follows...

criminologist Nathan Jones who, after learning the devastating news that his 10 year old daughter has an inoperable brain tumour, scours the globe in search of a possible treatment. His desperate quest for a cure brings him to the very edge of humanity, forcing him into one last throw of the dice, making a deal with the Devil to save the life of his child.

When Nathan realises that heís been tricked, he undertakes to renegotiate his contract by fighting the Devilís work on earth wherever he finds it, ultimately leading him to a startling discovery Ė a revelation which will change the world as we know it foreverÖ

"Legion" is the Watch channelís first original drama commission and will be produced by Jordanís Red Planet Pictures. UKTV and Red Planet are looking to secure further production partners and confirm a location for the series, at which point it will begin shooting.

Extra Tidbit: There's probably no chance the Devil looks like THAT in "Legion," huh?



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