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04.18.2007by: Ammon Gilbert
Studios that release a lot of Straight to DVD flicks are generally pretty small in size, and (for the most part) don't release a lot of flicks theatrically- they've cornered the DVD market, and there's reason to go bigger than that. However now it looks like they're gonna be getting a little bit of competition: from MGM.

But wait, MGM releases big theatrically released movies! Yes, and now they're gonna takes the STD market by storm. Yesterday they announced an ASSLOAD of new STD projects that they're throwing in the pipeline, and it looks like they're gonna have a little something for everybody. But most importantly, there's a few horror titles that you may just be interested in.

First up is PET, which is based on an original screenplay by Jeremy Slater, following a woman who realizes she is being stalked by a man who abducts and imprisons her and her attempts to ultimately escape. PET is produced by Aaron Kaplan, Sean Perrone and Steven Schneider. Could be fun, could be trash, either way- at least it's ORIGINAL! Unlike....

AUDREY ROSE, a remake of some flick from 1977 starring Anthony Hopkins (!) that I ain't never heard of before. Check it: Written by Andrea Meyer, AUDREY ROSE is a remake of the 1977 supernatural thriller about a New York couple whose happy home is disrupted by the arrival of a mysterious stranger. The stranger believes the couple’s daughter is the reincarnation of his own child, who died in a horrible accident years ago. AUDREY ROSE is produced by Hudson Hickman, Craig Roessler and Sara Berrisford.

And what would STD fun be without a sequel? They're also rolling out another SPECIES flick, subtitled THE AWAKENING: Written by Ben Ripley and starring Helena Mattson, Ben Cross, Marco Bacuzzi and Dominic Keating, SPECIES: THE AWAKENING tells the story of Miranda Hollander (Mattson), the beautiful and brilliant university professor who is shocked when her uncle reveals to her that she isn’t actually human, but an alien hybrid he and as associate created in a laboratory. When Miranda's bestial side emerges with bloody consequences, her uncles discovers that her cure may be far worse than her disease. SPECIES: THE AWAKENING is directed by Nick Lyon and produced by Frank Mancuso Jr., Lorenzo O’Brien and Aaron Mazzolini

Are you salivating for some of this STD action already? Looks like MGM is gonna try and bust out at least 12 STD titles a year from now on that are primarily based on popular film and television franchises with wide appeal to today's young adult entertainment consumers. Ah, cornering the youth market with some entertaining trash. Gotta love it. No release dates for these bad-boys have been announced, but kick around THE DVD BUZZ-SAW for all the latest DVD release dates, covers and special features as they surface!

If you like STDs, regular exams are recommended.
Source: MGM



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