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Mutant Chronicles site goes live!

05.15.2007by: Eric Walkuski

A pretty sweet Official Site for MUTANT CHRONICLES has gone live, click HERE to check it out.

The flick is directed by Simon Hunter and stars Thomas Jane, John Malkovich, Ron Perlman, and the very sweet Devon Aoki.

Plot-wise, it goes somethin' like this: Mankind has exhausted Earth’s natural resources. Four corporations have taken over the world in which they are constantly at war with one another. (Wow that sounds terribly hard to believe) In the midst of this, a couple of soldiers entrenched in the war find themselves dealing with a new enemy: NecroMutants! (who apparently have “boneblades” that grow from their arms!) As the story gets increasingly complicated from there, I suggest visiting the official site to discover the rest of the epic-sounding story (trust me, mutants abound!).

MUTANT CHRONICLES was originally a “Target Games” role-playing game. Then it went on to become a video game, as well as a series of books and card games (yep, lotta games in there).

Any of you guys know more about this MUTANT CHRONICLES than I do? Spit a few bullets below, school this unwise internet journalist...

Them rascally mutants better not lay a claw on Devon!

Source: Official Site



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