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Neil Marshall and Sam Raimi to begin production on Burst soon?

04.26.2010by: Eric Walkuski

While out promoting his bloody epic CENTURION, Neil Marshall gave Digital Spy an update on BURST, which is of course the heart-warming tale concerning a group of stranded travelers who meet during a blizzard and get stalked by a malevolent force that makes people spontaneously combust.

Marshall hopes to start production this summer, with Lionsgate and Sam Raimi's Ghost House overseeing the film. While no more is known about the plot, it will be released in 3D, which is fine by me, as long as it's shot in 3D!

In related Marshall news, the director said he doesn't know of any plans to make another DESCENT movie, nor does he know "where you could take the story from this point". Naturally, it will all depend on how THE DESCENT 2 sells here in the states...

CENTURION's Olga Kurylenko

Extra Tidbit: Does anyone remember Tobe Hooper's SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION?
Source: Digistal Spy



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