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New one-sheet for Wofgang Meyer's sci-fi thriller 15 Till Midnight

11.29.2010by: Jake Dee

Thrice prior it seems we've written about Wofgang Meyer's sci-fi thriller 15 TILL MIDNIGHT, twice in April with a synopsis and production update, once in June with the first teaser trailer for the flick. Cut to 6 months later and what do we have? BAM...a fresh one-sheet for the creepy looking sumbitch. Scroll down for a gander!

Written by and starring Brandon Slagle, 15 TILL MIDNIGHT is an Emotionally and visually intense film, much in the vein of works such as DARK CITY and VANILLA SKY. The film details the story of Lukas Reyes, a man trapped in a seemingly endless loop between parallel existences, one being occupied by his spouse, Sera, and another being occupied by a relation from another life, Nara. As worlds seem to begin colliding and further bleeding into one another, he finds himself pursued by a group of shadow-men known as "The Knowers." The common thread between everything being a significance with the time 11:45 - fifteen minutes until midnight.

Andrea Chen, Dee Martin, Devanny Pinn (below), Andrew Roth, Olivia Baseman, Antonio San Miguel, Manoush, Thomas Daniel, Lauren Francesca, Jonathan Moody and Jeff Quinlan also star in the film.

Can't wait for the clock to strike 15 TILL MIDNIGHT? Spend some time over at the official Facebook and Twitter page for the joint.

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Extra Tidbit: Ms. Pinn (above) had an uncredited role as a wet T-shirt girl in last year's PIRANHA.
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