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New Sweeney trailer

10.20.2007by: Eric Walkuski

I can just picture all the people who go to see SWEENEY TODD based on this trailer - their horrified reactions when Johnny Depp and co. break out into song every, oh I dunno, FIVE minutes. They'll think, "But-but the cool trailer didn't have any singing! I hate singing!" And then hopefully they'll think "Oh well, there's a throat slashed every TEN minutes, so who am I to complain?"

Yes, here's a new SWEENEY TODD trailer, and yes it features absolutely no music (aside from your typical Danny Elfman violining), even though the project IS a musical. The previous trailer fit in a song very briefly, probably to satisfy the purists, but this one does away with the conceit altogether and focuses solely on Tim Burton-esque gloom and doom. It still looks decent (the last shot is a real doozy), but it's misleading, and Dreamworks/Warner Bros. just might regret keeping a shroud on the REAL nature of this flick. At least as it pertains to the folks who don't visit out lovely pages every now and again... I suppose we'll find out this Christmas...

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