New viral Carrie image is heavy on the crazy

Yesterday, we reported some kitschy new viral images promoting TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D. In that post, I compared CARRIE and its campaign to that of TC3D and expressed my opinion that the telekinetic teen is trumping ol' Leatherface in the marketing department. I will reiterate that belief yet again with this latest bit of CARRIE craziness, courtesy of the film's Facebook page.

You can check out the image below. It's captioned "Another piece of the puzzle. This sheds a bit more light on who Margaret White was..." Though it's blurry as all get it out, the image appears to be a record revealing Margaret White (played by Julianne Moore in the film) believed her daughter was "A cancer of the woman parts" during her pregnancy. Julianne Moore is sure to crank up the crazy in the finished film, but this image gives her character that added texture I like.

And that, my friends, is why I feel the viral campaign for CARRIE is the goddamned tops. All these bits are being pulled from (or are at least heavily influenced by) Stephen King's original novel. The dedication to the source material tells me the film has a solid shot of being worth a damn. This is unlike TC3D, which seems to be content photoshopping pics of the original Tobe Hooper film and we all know how well that shite bodes for the new flick. Anyway, CARRIE hits theaters March 15th. Until then, enjoy your daily dosage of psychosis below.

Extra Tidbit: Gabriella Wilde (pictured above) certainly has the good looks of a Sue Snell...
Source: Facebook



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