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One man has the cure for the plague in The Fall, a modern day take on The Odyssey

04.26.2012by: Eric Walkuski

We can't get enough of the apocalypse, can we?

THE FALL is the latest film about the potential end of the world to come down the pike. At the moment it's just a script, but it's a script just acquired by QED International (DISTRICT 9, TEXAS KILLING FIELDS).

Christopher Cosmos, director of development at production company BenderSpink, wrote the script and Benderspink will, naturally, be on board the project. (I guess if you can't find the right script to produce, you just gotta write it yourself!)

THE FALL is a modern take on The Odyssey, about a young man who makes his way cross country carrying with him the cure for a devastating plague. Hes hunted by men who want the cure for themselves.

Once this journey gets underway, we'll update you.

Extra Tidbit: Show of hands: who had to read The Odyssey in high school?



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