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Plot synopsis and new release date for Joe Hill's Horns

01.19.2010by: Eric Walkuski

Back in October, we heard about a book called HORNS, which had been optioned by Mandalay Pictures before even being released. The novel was written by a fellow named Joe Hill, who just happens to be the son of a dude named Stephen King. Not bad.

At the time of the announcement, we didn't know all that much about HORNS, but now that's changed a bit. Having been to Hill's official site, I can bring a larger plot description here to you, courtesy of the author himself:

HORNS is about a decent enough young man named Ignatius Perrish, a guy who has always tried to do the right thing, only to see his whole life abruptly torn away from him. His girlfriend, the person he loves more than anyone in the world, is killed, and although heís never charged with the murder, everyone, including his family and friends, believe Ig is responsible. Then one night Ig goes out drunk to rage and curse God, and when he wakes, he discovers heís grown a pair of horns, and that people have a sudden compulsion to confess their darkest secrets and ugliest impulses to him. It isnít long before Ig turns his terrible new powers to finding the man who killed his beloved, and taking his revenge.

HORNS hits bookshelves on FEBRUARY 16th - it had previously been announced that it was coming out on the 9th. No further movement on the film version has been reported as of yet.

Pre-order the book HERE.

Extra Tidbit: Big question time: What's your favorite Stephen King novel? I might have to go with IT or THE GREEN MILE.



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