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Poster & synopsis for Camel Spiders, starring C. Thomas Howell!

08.09.2010by: Jake Dee

Okay, here's a prospect that truly makes my skin crawl!

You guys ever see or hear of Camel Spiders? If not, check out how f*ckin' gnarly these bastards are RIGHT HERE.

See what I mean...them shites are no joke, right?!? Which is exactly why I'm both thrilled and bit weary about a flick based on such odious creatures being made. That's right y'all, a real flick called CAMEL SPIDERS in the works, and if that isn't awesome enough, Pony Boy himself C. Thomas Howell is top-lining the sumbitch!

Directed by schlock-meister Jim Wynorski (CHOPPING MALL, 976-EVIL 2, GHOULIES 4), from a script he wrote with J. Brad Wilke - CAMEL SPIDERS is based on actual creatures that for years have tormented our armed forces in the Middle East, these creatures have now invaded the southwestern deserts of the United States. The Camel Spiders now freely hunt for prey, unafraid of any predator - including man. No place is safe no one is beyond their paralyzing sting. In the end, a small band of hearty fighters are forced to make one last stand against the creatures.

Brian Krause, Jon Mack (below), Frankie Cullen, Diana Terranova, Melissa Brasselle, GiGi Erneta, Paula LaBaredas, Steve Snyder and Michael Swan also play principal parts.

Currently filming, no release dates are known for CAMEL SPIDERS yet.

Extra Tidbit: You afraid of spiders or what?



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