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Raimi teams FearNet

03.30.2007by: Ammon Gilbert
Sam Raimi must be looking for extra things to do to keep busy before SPIDERMAN 3 comes out, as Variety is reporting this morning that he just signed a deal with the Sony, Comcast, Lionsgate multiplatform horror/thriller site FEARnet to produce a couple of original series for the network, under Ghost House Pictures.

There are a few 'series' in the works, which will consist of about 7 three-five minute episodes. The first up will be called DEVIL'S TRADE, written by Ben Ketai, and Toby Wilkin set to direct. The story follows three teenagers who find themselves cursed after buying an item off a website. Maybe not the most original story out there, it sure has potential for some cheap scares, and will likely work in a short, brief segments.

The other series is a prequel to the upcoming Josh Harnett flick 30 DAYS OF NIGHT, which will obviously show it's ugly little head this October to coincide with NIGHT's release. That could be kind of cool, though it was unclear if any of the folks behind the feature film will be behind the short prequels as well.

If you're stoked as hell about either of these projects, then you'll likely want to know how you can check them out when they're finished. Lucky for us, FEARnet has a few formats in mind: On Demand (through Cable TV), streaming video ala the internet, and over the phone or any other mobile device. I for one am stoked on the On Demand medium, as I have FEARnet On Demand now, and it's flipping awesome. Anytime I want, I have can watch any one of like 15 horror flicks, with a select few in glorious HD. Can't beat that!

Stick around for more updates on this Ghost House/ FEARnet collaboration, and get ready for 30 DAYS OF NIGHT, which hits theaters this October.

Source: Variety



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