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06.16.2006by: Ammon Gilbert
A long, long time ago, remakes came out every once in a while. So spaced were they released that it felt like a novel experience to sit through an updated version of a movie that had already been done before. But that was a long, long time ago... now, there seems to be about as many remakes coming out as there are orginal work! And today is no different.

Fangoria got word on 2 more American remakes of classic Japanese horror flicks. The first being Takashi Miike's MPD PSYCHO- which tells the timeless tale of hunting down a serial killer who killed your wife, only to find out that the serial killer might in fact be you. Originally a TV miniseries, this flick takes bizarre to a whole new level.

TOMIE has also been set for a remake, based on the original flick by Ataru Oikawa. This one's about a chick (names Tomie) who is loved to death... only to come back and haunt those who loved her. Yeah, it's whacked out, but would you expect anything less?

I could rant and rant about how much remakes suck, but I have to admit... sometimes they're not all that bad. As I can honestly say I've never seen any of these flicks, I guess it's cool that they're brining them out into the lime light, as the originals will become more popular than they are right now.

To check out the other remake news concerning some possible Dark Castle projects, go ahead and click HERE. And stick around as we hear more about where these remakes are headed!

Source: Fangoria



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