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Rosamund Pike added to cast of Clash sequel, Wrath of the Titans!

02.08.2011by: Jake Dee

English ingénue Rosamund Pike, last seen in Richard J. Lewis' BARNEY'S VERSION, is nearing a deal to star as Andromeda in the Warner Bros. CLASH OF THE TITANS sequel, WRATH OF THE TITANS.

Word comes from Deadline, who also mentions how substantially larger the role of Andromeda (played by Alexa Davalos in Louis Leterrier's CLASH) will be in the follow up. If she signs on, Pike will in effect take her name out of the Lois Lane running for the new SUPERMAN picture (her name has been bandied about with many others). Don't hold out Rosey...take the money and run!

As you may know, WRATH OF THE TITANS will be directed by Jonathan Liebesman (BATTLE: LOS ANGELES). It'll star Sam Worthington, Liam Neeson, Gemma Arterton, Danny Huston, Toby Kebbel and Edgar Ramirez.

You think Pike (pictured) will be a good addition to an already impressive cast? Or does acting not even matter in a film of this size and scope? In other words, can anyone play these roles if they're ultimately secondary to the explosions and gaudy F/X sequences?

Extra Tidbit: Ms. Pike turned 32 eleven days ago. Happy belated Rosamund!
Source: Deadline



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