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RR on Sin 2, Machete, Madmen

Dec. 21, 2009by: Jenna Busch

I recently got a chance to visit the set of the new PREDATORS can't see me, but I'm clapping my hands in Austin, TX. While we were there, we got a few minutes with producer, and always super-friendly to  press, Robert Rodriguez. I can't tell you a damn thing about PREDATORS until the embargo is lifted, but Rodriguez gave us some news on his upcoming projects. We got some info on SIN CITY 2, (R.I.P. Brittany Murphy) whether or not the MARIACHI trilogy will be out on Blu-ray soon and if he really means to make the upcoming MACHETE a franchise.

Do you have a timetable set for SIN CITY 2 is that something you still have on your plate?

Yeah we still talk about doing that as early/later next year, but I havent gotten into that yet.

Is the MARIACHI trilogy coming out on Blu-ray?

All three of them are coming out on Blu-ray sometime next year; weve been  working on that.

Youre always talking about a million different projects, and there is always a million things going on with you, have you started to think about youre 2010 is going to look like, and do you think youre going to be producing more movies now that youve gotten a taste of it?

Yeah I definitely want to produce more because I have a bunch of projects that Ive either written or have written, and I want to continue developing them and if can't direct one right away cause Im doing something else, I will love to still see it get made. So I would probably produce that and have somebody come in and do it here at the studio.

Is there a project or two in your past that youve started thinking about, that it would be a prefect thing for me to produce?

Oh, that I talked about doing in the past, that now I would produce? Yeah I have several of those. Now I can say alright this will never get made unless I produce it because all these other things going on and I dont want it to sit around cause the idea is really fresh for right now.

I dont mean to jump back to SIN CITY 2 but it seems that the last few years we constantly talk to you about it and everyones asked about it, its a project that everyones seems to be very interested in, what would you categorize say like a percentage of this thing actually happening?

I cant say no because I dont know it's no. I know Frank (Miller) wants to do it. I know I wanna do it and it's always sort of time permitting kind of thing but its not like I can tell you definitely were startingits not my next picture I know that. Doesnt mean that its not the picture right after because  thats still a possibility.

Is there a script that actually is in existence that youre happy with?

There has been a script since 2007.

But is it a script youre happy with.

Well its the one that Frank wrote and we have to look at it now for now and go,  is this really the oneI think it's built up so much, like are we really going  to satisfy everybody with what we have, should we add to it. Its the thing  weve always talked about, but now two years later going on three wed probably  make some adjustments but nothing that would take a long time. Its just a matter  ofonce we startwe can go into productionwe can already start and in pre-production for this up to anything we wanted to.

There is rumor that it was going to be an original story is there any truth to that?

Well that script, it was pre-existing with some original
stuff added to it to kind of catch yourself up with some character.

Are you involved with MADMEN?

Yeah I still have that. Its at Weinstein, they still have that for me to produce, so after doing this I have some ideas on how to bring that to life. That will be good to do.

Did MACHETE turn out so good that you might try and franchise it, or is it a one off for you?

We always talked about making him a franchise character. Danny and I talked about it in 94...maybe DESPERADO, thats when I first mentioned the Machete character. So imagine thathes been bugging me since 94.

Im curious about MACHETE KILLS and MACHETE KILLS AGAIN. Do you like those names for sequels? Or were you joking around?

Theyre part ofwhen the original trailer came out I made those jokingly. It could be. Theyre fun titles. I do like MACHETE IN SPACE though. 

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12:25PM on 12/21/2009

great job Jenna

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