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Send your season's gory greetings with these Silent Night e-cards

12.21.2012by: Ike Oden

SILENT NIGHT was a pleasant little surprise this holiday season. Most horror fans gleaned some enjoyment out of the darkly comedic slasher. It didn't reinvent the wheel or anything, but for fans of Santa Claus killers SILENT NIGHT was very satisfying.

Thankfully, the fun of SILENT NIGHT doesn't stop when you eject the disc from your player. Anchor Bay is continuing to spread the gory cheer with six SILENT NIGHT holiday e-cards. Featuring familiar holiday slogans combined with film's most memorable scenes, the amusing bit of promotion is a damn sight better than whatever Hallmark knockoff just arrived in your mail.

Check 'em out below and if you haven't seen the flick, give yourself the gift of SILENT NIGHT today.

Extra Tidbit: While you're at it, check out these faux SILENT NIGHT DEADLY NIGHT trading cards created by the blog Freddy In Space!



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